Ferndale School District

Public school district for Ferndale, WA.

Child Find Screenings - FSD

A screening to identify any factors that may interfere with a child’s learning, growth and development. The screening is also provided to help parents identify their child’s strengths and weaknesses a...

Developmental Preschool - FSD

Provides a developmentally appropriate curriculum for children 3 - 5 years old.
Service Category: Preschool Education

Ferndale Jump Start Kindergarten

A free transitional kindergarten for students who are scheduled to enter kindergarten in the upcoming fall. Students enter the Jump Start program based on need and/or ability such as financial, social...
Service Category: Education
Service Eligibility: Children

Ferndale Student Services

Serves Special Education, English Language Learners, Native American Education, Section 504, Early Learning and McKinney Vento (Homeless families and youth), students in Foster Care and Migrant studen...

McKinney-Vento Program - FSD

Serves students experiencing homelessness. This program is designed to reduce isolation, maximize stability and maintain consistency for this population of children and youth. Contact the liaison in y...
Service Eligibility: Families Children Near Homeless Homeless