Clearpoint Credit Counseling Solutions

A nonprofit agency focused on improving lives through financial education.

Bankruptcy Counseling and Education - Clearpoint

Allows you to fulfill the requirements set forth by bankruptcy law and gives you access to a certified credit counselor.

Budget and Credit Counseling - Clearpoint

A free budget and credit counseling session gives you the opportunity to work with a certified credit counselor and create an action plan for your financial future.

Debt Management Program (DMP) - Clearpoint

A Debt Management Program is a structured repayment plan that helps you pay off your unsecured debts more easily. Often, it comes with the added benefits of lower interest rates and waived fees.
Service Category: Money Financial Education

Housing Programs - Clearpoint

As a HUD-certified agency, Clearpoint offers housing programs that can help with a variety of situations, from buying your first house to helping you retain your home in times of crisis.
Service Eligibility: Home Owners

Military Reconnect - Clearpoint

When soldiers return home it can be difficult to truly reconnect with relationships and establish themselves financially. This program is geared toward helping members of the military and veterans re-...
Service Category: Money Financial Education
Service Eligibility: Veterans Armed Forces

Student Loan Counseling - Clearpoint

A student loan counseling session will give you the opportunity to discuss your options with a counselor who will give personalized recommendations about the repayment programs you might qualify for,...
ClearPoint Credit Counseling Solutions
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