The Whatcom Resource Information Collaborative is a coalition of organizations working together to pursue the shared objective of reliable, openly-accessible information about the resources available to Whatcom residents in need. 
We envision a resource access system--easily accessible and co-created with community, ensuring equity-focused design to benefit Whatcom County residents and service providers seeking reliable information. This system is envisioned in three primary phases and aims to be poised for future growth and interoperability with other systems and tech tools as a community information exchange. It takes people, relationship, trust and then technology to make this vision sustainable.
The Collaborative’s governance model distributes responsibilities among a Steering Committee (where major decisions about the activities of the Collaborative are made), a Secretariat (who facilitates the Collaborative’s dialogues and decision-making processes), a Steward (who is responsible for the Collaborative’s data systems, content management, and associated activities), and workgroups that set priorities and make recommendations.
For more information, see our documents: